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Monthly Newsletter Going to the Pups

Some of you know that I'm a part-time dog walker.  Some of you don’t.  I return to walking dogs every so often when I need a refresher.  When I need to slow my life down and reevaluate my decisions.  However, at the end of the day, I am just enjoying time with all the doggies… Continue reading Monthly Newsletter Going to the Pups

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Our Western society does not discuss postpartum health nor do we have practices in place to encourage full recovery. Our focus is far too often on postpartum depression and mood anxieties.  What we don't discuss enough of is postpartum nutrition as it is a significant piece to newborn mothers avoiding PMAD.  With a specific postpartum… Continue reading NOURISHING NEWBORN MOTHERS RECIPE E-BOOK

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After birth there is a Sacred Window of time; a time for complete rejuvenation of a woman’s physical, mental and spiritual health. A time for deep, extended bonding with her newborn. The first 42 days after birth set the stage for her next 42 years."   Ysha Oakes If this quote stirs you in anyway, then you are probably… Continue reading SWEET AND SIMPLE GUIDE TO A NOURISHING POSTPARTUM DISCUSSIONS


Spreading the Good News!

Good News!!! Postpartum, Good People, is NOT a disease!!!  Isn't that wonderful news?  Every single woman who carries a life within her will experience postpartum.  Whether a woman goes full term or decides to terminate her pregnancy... whether she gives birth vaginally or by cesarean, her mind body and heart go through changes as early as… Continue reading Spreading the Good News!


Sweet and Simple Guide to a Nourishing Postpartum Workshop – Upcoming Sept. 24th at Yoga NoMa!

Are you enjoying your pregnancy? Do you feel a deep emotional connection with your baby that is thriving within you? Are you concerned this will go away and be replaced with exhaustion and overwhelm once Baby is born? Are you concerned about breastfeeding? Do you wonder what the transition to motherhood really looks like? Be… Continue reading Sweet and Simple Guide to a Nourishing Postpartum Workshop – Upcoming Sept. 24th at Yoga NoMa!


Creating Life is a Production

  Creating life is quite the production.  It is a 12 month Creative Process. Conception * Pregnancy * Childbirth * Recovery As the Fourth Trimester Conducere, I help new parents shift into their new normal.  I offer postpartum planning sessions which includes creating an action plan for proper nutrition, personal care and building a support network .… Continue reading Creating Life is a Production